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"In DEVIL’S DANCE, Richard Karlen transports the reader through a tale of genetic anguish with grace and sensitivity. The effects of Huntington’s Disease to the family members in this story remain with the reader long after the book is put down."
Leonard A. Cole, author of THE ELEVENTH PLAGUE: The Politics of Biological and Chemical Warfare

"In DEVIL’S DANCE, Richard Karlen offers a vivid and compelling window into the experience of Huntington’s Disease, and the tragic impact such an illness can have on a family."
Musa Mayer, author of ADVANCED BREAST CANCER: A Guide To Living With Metastatic Disease

"Although the characters in DEVIL’S DANCE are fictitious, the devastating effects Huntington’s Disease has on its victims and their families are not. The Huntington’s Disease Society of America thanks Dr. Karlen for supporting us in our mission to help HD families through education and research."
Karen Johnson, President, Huntington’s Disease Society of America/NJ Chapter

"DEVIL’S DANCE hits home for anyone connected with Huntington’s Disease. It also serves as an accurate account for the uninitiated of the havoc the illness wreaks. Finally, DEVIL’S DANCE functions as an exciting, intriguing, suspense-crime novel, a real page-turner."
Hugh Sherry, Huntington’s caregiver and parent of two at risk children.

"DEVIL'S DANCE is a gripping page-turner, which manages to offer sensitive insights into the plight of a man and his family afflicted with Huntington's Disease.  Humor and caring raise this novel several notches above the usual thriller."

Michael Sananman, M.D. Clinical Associate Professor of Neurosciences, University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ.

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