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What is Huntington's Disease?

Huntington's the Naked Truth - by Peter Smith.  Peter Smith's poignant remembrance of his wife, combined with signficant information on all aspects of HD.

Faces of Huntington's - Stories, essays, poems written by people directly associated with HD.  Carmen Leal-Pock's book is a beautiful blend of realism and poetry.

Huntington's Book Reviews
Reviews of two new books about Huntington's Disease.

Huntington's Disease Society of America

Genetic Testing Information and US HD Testing Sites

Huntington Society of Canada

Hereditary Disease Foundation

Huntington's Disease Message Board

Mailing List for Huntington's Disease- Instructions for subscribing to the electronic discussion group for Huntington's Disease.

Huntington's Disease Information - Set up by Renette Davis, this is a comprehensive page dealing with Huntington's Disease. There is extensive information about HD, a bibliography, a large list of links and page devoted to stories and poems by people directly involved with HD.

Facing Huntington's Disease - Information assisting in the dealing with HD on a day to day basis.  Huntington's Disease is an excellent phamphlet published by the Huntington's Disease Association in the U.K. This is very "user friendly" source of information.

Caring for People with Huntington's Disease - This page from the Kansas University Medical Center Department of Neurology deals primarily with issues of patient care and management.

The HD Lighthouse - This is one of the most frequently updated HD pages on the internet. Research and news stories are often found here first.

A helpful concise summary of basics - From Kansas University Medical Center Neurology department.

Corea de Huntington. Informacion en Espanol? Si!

North West Lancashire branch of the Huntington's Disease Association (U.K.)

HD Fact Sheet

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