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"When a dog is drowning,

Everyone offers him a drink."

Jacula Prudentum, George Herbert, 1593-1633

From Nate S., member of AA, twelve years sobriety.

“Walking around New York with Bernie Hirsch in those cardboard-makeshift shoes, was like I was reading about myself fifteen years ago.  LOOKING FOR BERNIE will make you laugh and cry at the same time.  Richard Karlen is one helluva writer.

From Michael Gale, DMD, Newark, New Jersey

Bernie Hirsch is comic and sardonic, angry and finally pathetic as a substance abuser, and ultimately as a human being.  One couldn’t help but feel particular empathy for Bernie’s family, his wife and two adult children, as they were forced to come to grips with Bernie’s alcoholism and bizarre behavior. Finally as a practicing dentist in the Ironbound section of Newark for 20 years, I thought the author of LOOKING FOR BERNIE captured the essence of practicing dentistry in the inner city during the fifties quite remarkably.  Altogether I congratulate Richard Karlen on writing a book that one can read and enjoy on a number of levels intellectually.

From Daniel K., member of AA, thirteen years sobriety.

“You can’t get a better ride into the alcoholic mind than in Richard Karlen’s LOOKING FOR BERNIE.  What I liked best is the way the author doesn’t try to stack the cards, as if he was writing some sort of case study about an alcoholic. He just tells you this story and lets you make up your own mind about what kind of person Bernie Hirsch really is.  Terrific book.  I genuinely recommend it.”


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