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"I intend to die in a tavern; let the wine be placed by my dying mouth, so that when the choirs of angels come, they may say, 'God be merciful to this drinker!''

"De Nugis Curialium" Walter Mapes

Bernie Hirsch, a fifty-two year old dentist from Newark, New Jersey, has left his office to go on an alcoholic bender in New York.  There, he encounters Dwayne Lincoln, a young African-American from Chicago, and this odd pair travels the streets of lower Manhattan for five days in an odyssey filled with misadventures and mayhem.  As Bernie's wife Paula, and his twin children, Danny and Diane anxiously search the city for him, the novel explores the impact that Bernie's drinking and compulsive gambling have had upon his family.

Set in the year 1956, two years after the Supreme Court decision holding segregation in public schools as unconstitutional, LOOKING FOR BERNIE  is also an examination of race relationships in an era which American society was finally beginning to come to grips with its moral deficiencies.


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