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Steven Patrick is a first time author living with his wife and two boys in Metuchen, New Jersey. He is a graduate of The Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts and Kean University and is today a practicing artist and member of the Edison Arts Society. He is Director of Design for a New Jersey-based architectural firm, and a long-standing professional member of The American Society of Interior Designers. He has taught design at Brookdale Community College and is Co-chair of the Brookdale Interior Design Program Advisory Board.

The author was inspired to write JOURNEY AT DUSK soon after his father’s passing from complications of Alzheimer’s disease. Though a work of fiction, the book is a reflection of time spent together at the end of his father’s “Journey”—a time of confusion and concern, but also of revelation and humor. The author was privileged to witness the poignant end to a life well spent. This book is an attempt to share some of that precious experience with others.

Author’s Note

Can one man change the world?

Journey at Dusk is a fictional account of a man struggling with the degenerative effects of Alzheimer’s disease. The protagonist in this story, Martin Fielding, is not content to “go quietly” and despite great odds, is determined to share with future generations his conviction that the errors of the past need not be repeated. His stubborn attempt to leave behind this valuable lesson may seem to be naive, Quixotic and, given his physical and mental state, doomed to failure. The reader will discover, however, that Martin has a powerful weapon remaining in his rapidly depleting arsenal of resources—passion. It is passion that allows the hero of this story, or anyone of us, to dare to achieve the impossible.        


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