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“If thou remember'st not the slightest folly That ever love did make thee run into,Thou hast not loved.”
Shakespeare, As You Like It

Six months after the death of his wife, Jonathan Cole, a forty-two year old internist from Scotch Plains, New Jersey, takes a vacation to Spain’s Costa del Sol. After landing in Malaga, Cole picks up a hitchhiker, a young Dutch sculptor, and together they travel up the coastal road to the town of Almuñecar.  Cole soon finds himself involved in murder, drugs, and romance. It is September, 1973, a time when Spain was still a fascist state under the rule of Francisco Franco and Spanish justice could be arbitrary and cruel.

MURDER AT THE SEXI is a psychological thriller in which a middle-aged, depressed doctor encounters a series of extraordinary circumstances and, in the course of dealing with them, redefines himself as a man. 


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