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Author: Richard R. Karlen
Date of Publication: September 15, 2002
Price: $15.00 plus cost of shipping and handling
Number of pages 308 text
ISBN: 0-96608314-8
Library of Congress Control Number:2002105860
Printer: McNaughton & Gunn, Saline, Michigan
Cover Painting: Al Goodman
Cover design: HM FotoGraf/x
This book is intended for the adult market to include both college students and the general reading public.

Publisher’s Note

             MURDER AT THE SEXI, Dr. Richard R. Karlen’s fourth novel to be published by Ironbound Press, is a psychological study of the behavior of an ordinary person who becomes involved in extraordinary circumstances.  In MURDER AT THE SEXI, the protagonist, Jonathan Cole, a middle-aged physician from a suburban town in New Jersey, Scotch Plains, is recovering from a reactive depression following the death of his wife and travels to Spain’s Costal del Sol on a two week vacation.  On the first day of his trip, Cole becomes involved in a murder and his two week vacation turns into a nightmare of mystery and intrigue. 

MURDER AT THE SEXI goes beyond your usual, formula mystery novel as its protagonist gropes to discover a new meaning to life.  While the reader may be entrapped by the book’s adventure and suspense, how Jonathan Cole finds salvation is the essence of this novel.

In 1973, author Richard R. Karlen together with his wife and four children lived in a small fishing village, Almuñécar, on the Costa del Sol for ten months.  MURDER AT THE SEXI, while purely a fictitious story, is largely based upon that experience. 

  Dr. Karlen’s fifth work of fiction is a collection of short stories. SATURDAY LUNCH and the KITCHEN SINK will be published by Ironbound Press in the winter of 2003.


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