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Richard R. Karlen, author of SATURDAY LUNCH and other stories, grew up in Newark, NJ, where he practiced dentistry for thirty-five years. He currently lives in Scotch Plains, NJ with his wife, daughter, son and twin grandchildren.

Dr. Karlen’s sixth work of fiction, the novel, WOLFE’S CHOICE will be published by Ironbound Press in the Spring of 2004.


The majority of these stories are memoir metamorphosed into fiction, which will be readily discernible to the reader.  Writers with their big egos believe that what happens to them must necessarily be interesting to the rest of the world.  This is risky business since the reader may be just as inclined to see the writer as considerably less than the brilliant creative artist that he fancies himself to be.

It is, however, with some pride that two of these stories Anatole and the Pigeon and Appointment at Ascom  were recipients of the Aaron Rubinfeld prize as the best short stories of the year at the New School in New York.

A month before publication of this book, I wrote two new stories Dinga Goes to Court and Sonata Facile and was delighted to rediscover the joy of writing shorter fiction since in the past six years I had written only novels.

Two stories, Sebastian and Anopheles were chapters that I extracted from fragments of a novel I had written while serving in Korea forty-five years ago.  With a little twisting and turning I created the chapters into short fiction, which demonstrates that one never knows when discarded junk might turn into literary possibilities.


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