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saturday lunch

"God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December.”

James M. Barrie, speech (1922)

In Sonata Facile, an adolescent is introduced into a world of art and beauty by a pedophile. In Anatole and the Pigeon, a Korean veteran relives the horror of war, while dissecting the cortex of a pigeon in a dental school physiology lab. The Arrangement deals with a middle-aged man suffering from MS, who is in conflict with his wife. The Telegram is the strange odyssey of a war-weary medic recalled from Korea to be with his dying mother. An Apple for Kiyoshi draws the reader into the personal hell of a ten-year old Japanese girl after her home has been incinerated by American bombers. Saturday Lunch, the title story, portrays the stormy, seventy-year friendship of three doctors from the Ironbound section of Newark.

These are among the seventeen stories Richard Karlen has written that are guaranteed not only to entertain but to move the reader to reflect upon one’s own personal existence.

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