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New book - saving mimi

Evening star, you bring all things which the evening star has scattered: you bring the sheep, you bring the goat, you bring the child back to its mother. 


Sappho, 612 B.C.

A child left behind, abandoned, in a Newark, New Jersey dental office, a thirty-five-year old dentist who brings her home, his chronically depressed wife who wants to make the child her own, the child’s birth mother, and her search for Mimi. In Saving Mimi, human emotion trumps logic and “doing the right thing” sometimes means bending the rules. This is a story about ordinary people acting in extraordinary ways. The catalyst, an abandoned little girl, sets into motion a chain of events that keeps the reader wondering what will happen next and whether the tangled web of human interaction can ever be resolved. In the end, it is not only the resolution of this urban tale that matters, but what is learned by the characters—and the reader—along the way. Saving Mimi is a literary journey we would all do well to undertake, for it chronicles the unpredictable complexity of human emotion in a fresh light and celebrates our underlying capacity for love and compassion.  



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