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Dr. Richard R. Karlen was born and grew up in Newark, NJ., where he practiced dentistry for thirty-five years. He currently lives in Scotch Plains, NJ with his wife, daughter and son. Dr. Karlen’s eleventh work of fiction, Looking for Mimi, will be published by Ironbound Press in the winter of 2012.


I dedicate this book to my wife, Hiroko, without whom nothing I set out to do in this world would ever get done.  

I owe a particular gratitude to my good friend, author Steve Patrick, for his invaluable critical comments as well as his untiring editorial assistance.

Many thanks to Ann and Chris Abrahamson for their first-rate proofing and editing of the manuscript.

And finally I wish to thank my talented granddaughter, Kim, for the design and photograph of the front cover. 

Richard R. Karlen

September, 2011


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