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New book - THe gold man

Life is something everyone should

try at least once.”

Henry J.Tillman

“Tell me how to live a little, Jake . . . before Herman Aaronson dies, something should happen!”

Herman Aaronson is a “gold man”, a DaVinci in the art of constructing dental bridges and false teeth. He has spent more than forty years “making a living” and perfecting his craft while life passed him by — now it’s over — Herman Aaronson is dying of cancer. In his final days, the gold man emerges from his small lab in Newark, New Jersey to discover life. What he finds astonishes everyone — his best friend, his wife, his son and most of all, himself. Author Richard R. Karlen explores the human needs and desires sublimated by many of us as we go through life “making a living” and playing by the rules. At the end of the uneventful life of Herman Aaronson, the rules are challenged and the gold man “lives”.

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