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“The paradoxical and tragic situation of man is that his conscience is weakest when he needs it most.”

Euripides, Hippolytus

Max Wolfe, a forty-year old internist, while drunk, fatally runs down a young male schoolteacher, Harold Silver, and leaves the scene of the accident. In the course of the next ten years, Wolfe must deal not only with the consequences of covering up his crime, but with his conscience as well.

The plot moves between Wolfe and Silver’s girl friend, a Japanese violin teacher, Mariko Tanaka, who is pregnant at the time of the incident.  Ultimately, paths cross and their romantic entanglement moves the action to a disturbing climax.  The story line is complicated by the discovery that there exists within Silver’s family, Huntington’s Disease, a pernicious, incurable genetic condition, which puts Tanaka’s child at risk.

WOLFE’S CHOICE is primarily the story of a successful physician, whose life and the life of his family is turned upside-down because of a single, disastrous moment.  He must make choices, none of which can satisfy the dilemma in which he finds himself. In the end, he is forced to make a final choice, one where there can be no equivocation or looking back as to what might have been.

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