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Author: Richard R. Karlen

Date of Publication: October, 2005

Price: $15.00 plus cost of shipping and handling

Number of pages: 274 text

ISBN: 0966083180

Library of Congress Control Number: 2005906940

Printer: King Printing

Cover photograph by Kim Karlen

Cover design by HM Fotograph/x


This book is intended for the adult market to include both college students and the general reading public.




In WOLFE’S CHOICE, Dr. Karlen’s sixth work of fiction, the author explores the dilemma of a middle-aged doctor, Max Wolfe, who is involved in a fatal hit and run. Wolfe seeks atonement and redemption while dealing with a conscience that offers no compassion.  (“What atonement is there for blood spilt upon the earth?” Aeschylus “The Libation Bearers.”) 


Parallel to this primary theme is the story of a young, female Japanese violinist, Mariko Tanaka, who has abandoned her family and her country to live in the U.S.  How Tanaka’s life intertwines with Wolfe’s creates the basis for the plot of WOLFE’S CHOICE.  Secondary themes involving Huntington’s Disease and A.I.D.S complicate the relationship between the two main protagonists. 


In WOLFE’S CHOICE, no different than in Dr. Karlen’s previous five works of fiction, the human condition with all its weaknesses and strengths are scrutinized and questioned in context with the complexity of a modern world where great moral values are inexorably being replaced by the adherence to expediency.


Dr. Karlen’s seventh book is the novel YUNG SOOK, the story of a young Korean girl caught up in the Korean war during which she is driven into prostitution, and her subsequent relationship with an American colonel seven years later.  The book will be published by Ironbound Press in the Spring of 2006.


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