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Title: Yung Sook
Author: Richard R. Karlen
Date of Publication: April, 2007
Price: $15.00 plus cost of shipping and handling
Number of pages: 343 text
ISBN No. 0-9660831-5-6
Library of Congress Control Number:  2007920388 
Printer: King Printing
Front cover design and photography by Kim Karlen
Back cover design by HM FotoGrafx - 908-406-0723
This book is intended for the adult market to include both college students and the general reading public.


In his novel, “Yung Sook” author Richard R. Karlen does not gloss over the nightmarish consequences of war with all of its calamitous sequelae that are inflicted upon innocent human beings.  He focuses on one person, the girl, Yung Sook, and it is her story, the tragedy of her life, with all its lost possibilities and hopes and dreams that emerges from the pages of this novel.

The story of Yung Sook is not a pretty one, yet the reader will find it compelling within its strong, narrative chronicle of the Korean War and the American involvement in it.   


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